AVR+ Ecosystem

TXI Partners is building up an AVR+ Ecosystem for Global Market focusing on Industrial and Educational Use, with base in Taiwan and collaborating with Israel AR/VR core technologies and U.S. development platforms as well as worldwide channels. Taiwan is one of the best choice to be the hub integrating H/W and S/W, also the perfect testing market for any new innovation. With the hardware strength and abundant software talents of AR/VR from Taiwan, more total solutions for different industries will be generated from Taiwan efficiently to benefit the world. The AVR+ Ecosystem built by TXI Partners includes:  

(A) AVR+ Talent Education : Forming AVR+ Talents Pool through AVR+ training programs, our AVR+ international school has nurtured some AVR+ technology talents, who already worked with us after training.

(B) TXI Business Development Center : Forming AVR+ Business Alliance to create and incubate more AVR+ solutions connecting partners all over the world with new thinking and new technology.

(C) TXI Accelerators:Using TXI Accelerators for more AVR+ innovations for global market.

(D) AVR+ R&D and Project Alliance : Setting up AVR+ R&D Alliance in different fields from Taiwan to worldwide market. Using these advanced technologies in different industrial, commercial or educational fields.

(E) Forming Integrator of H/W and S/W for AVR+ solutions to leverage the H/W and S/W strength of Taiwan.

AVR+ School


The graduates from AVR+ School with certificates will enter AVR+ Alumni, which is an international network, holding events globally and creates opportunities for business cooperation among AVR+ Alumni. Taiwan will also hold Global AVR+ Alumni Gathering once per year to bring in international synergy.

R&D Alliance

Build AVR+ R&D Alliance to develop new products or innovations for different industries/governments/schools/institutions, we will help to set up AVR+ R&D Lab in different entities and connect them as a whole for R&D synergies. AVR+ R&D Alliance will focus on AVR + AI + IOT in different areas, and already develop several solutions in many fields such as Education / Health & Medical / Manufacturing / Energy / Construction / Aerospace / Security and Defense.

Business Alliance

The talents from AVR+ Alumni and AVR+ Business Alliance will form an AVR+ strong network and virtual group, which will implement global projects in Taiwan, help international or local innovative companies to leverage Taiwan’s resources in software, hardware and talents for developing Asia and global market.


TXI Partners will cooperate with TXI Center for accelerating startups and innovations. TXI Accelerator of TXI Center is an international platform connecting Taiwan, Israel and global markets to grow startups through TXI’s network with global companies and 1st hand information of market needs. By providing startups potential clients, suppliers as well as investment, TXI Accelerator could not only efficiently grow startups, but also increase the success rate of investment by playing the role of strategic partners for startups.

SW/HW Integrator

AVR industrial application needs software + hardware + talents to form a total solution. Software includes content development platform, 3D modeling tool, hardware includes AR glasses / VR glasses / 3D projection / IOT movement sensors as well as computing servers, moreover, talents will be the most important part to provide creativity for generating digital content for different applications. Taiwan is very famous for its hardware and talents, together with Israel’s innovation and U.S. development tools and global sales channels, we will be able to create more disruptive total solutions for different industries.